Customs officials enrich knowledge


    (KPL) Department of Customs of the Ministry of Finance organized a training session on customs declaration management, and goods, vehicle and passenger inspection for customs officials.

    The session was chaired by Director General of the Department of Customs Phoukhaokham Vannavongxay. It also saw the presence of Director of the Institute of Finance and Accounting Kaseumsy Phommavongsa and representatives of relevant offices.

    “The role of custom officials is not only related to revenue collection but also to protecting the safety of the society especially with respect to combating drugs smuggling, money laundry, intellectual property protection, arms use, among others. Therefore it is necessary for custom officials who act as crime suppressors, investigators, and goods inspectors to be multi skilled, fully competent for the work they do, be professional,” said Director General of the Department of Customs Phoukhaokham Vannavongxay.

    He also emphasized the capacity building with a focus placed on custom declaration management, goods inspection, smuggling prevention, and internal inspection.

    The trainees will be taught the vision and strategy of the finance sector; development plant of the Ministry of Finance and Customs Sector; basic understanding of customs under the frameworks of the World Trade Organisation and the World Customs Organisation; leadership skills; civil servant management; organization administration; official document preparation; the laws on value added tax, excise tax and accounting; enterprise accounting audit; and investment promotion; among others.

    They will also exchange points of view on the law on customs, instructions on the implementation of the law on customs, tax declaration procedures, customs valuation, goods origin certification, risk management, international freight forwarding, and smuggling of endangered wildlife.



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